Magus Cagliostro

Most of what you are about to read is true. There are witnesses who will swear they saw it with their own eyes. Or not. Ask and they will tell you, but do not ask to unravel fact from fiction. I was there—perhaps you too.

Cast your eyes upwards and you too will see Cagliostro using the same powers that the builders of Solomon’s Temple used, the same powers that control the universe, that make objects appear or disappear at will, the powers that refashion space and time in the wink of an eye.

Cagliostro gathered a total 1,576 high school children from all different religions and ethnic communities: Druse, Muslims, Christians, Bahais and Jews. This was a wondrous act of faith, the like of which has not been seen in the Middle East for centuries.

Cagliostro juggles  his magic to reach new levels of illusion in museums all over the country. History, technology and a hefty dose of the supernatural join forces as Cagliostro stands in front of time, stands behind it, turns back or moves forward.