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Let Our Magic Tell Our Story!

In the past years the concept of Immersive Storytelling has taken root in Art and play, entering fields such as theatres, documentaries, games and education. The idea is to break the barriers between spectator and media and to create a ‘real life’ experience – for amusement or instruction – mostly by using digital technologies such as 3D gaming and virtual reality (VR).
Magus Cagliostro has been using principles of Immersive Storytelling and ‘real life’ experience in a different way:

It all began when we searched for creative ways to bring new audiences to museums and to control audience flow. Our first project was in the Israel Museum, where we turned the entire museum into a huge escape room.

The idea was to use principles of Immersive Storytelling to create a fascinating story that is based on the museum’s contents, but which takes place entirely within the players minds. And we did it without using any digital technology whatsoever. Virtual reality was achieved by purely analogue means, relying on the audience’s own power of imagination.

The story is based on a specific scene and its contents – whether it is Art, history or science. By doing this, the plot merges with the scene and the players become closely involved with it as they follow the game.

We received marvelous reactions from the participants. The experience seemed to be deep, emotional and unforgettable. In fact, we never imagined it would be so successful.

Let our magic tell your story!

This is the seminal moment in which the boy discovered his roots, realizing that an invisible bond connected him to the magnificent occultist and rebel Cagliostro. As he read, he learned that Cagliostro wandered through Europe in the 18th century using his secret powers to heal the poor and defy the rich. The young magician ran his fingers over the words again and again, vowing to bring his magic to the darkest recesses of the city, to ignite the hearts of the people, young and old, poor and rich, with his magic. Indeed, he was no ordinary magician.

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