Immersive Business - the list

Read about the different kinds of magic we create:

✧ Speedy Escape  

Get it? Got it? Open it! 

The most up to date version of Escape Rooms is here!

An upbeat, unique, avant-garde custom-made rapid contest that wins everyone’s attention immediately. In this digital era of rapid simultaneous communication, Speedy Escape fits right in, creating a quick, spontaneous switch to ”Out of The Box” thinking, which is the key element to solving the game.

Speedy Escape is an exceptional quality attraction that captivates just everybody. It’s a sophisticated game designed for both large and small audiences. Its format resembles TV gameshows, except here the audience themselves are your heroes and players.

The basic principles follow those of regular escape rooms, but the length, location, difficulty and character of the escape activity are determined according to the theme of the event or company.

The game consists of tailor-made riddles specially designed for the theme or the brand involved. The players work together in groups in search for the codes to the escape boxes. The challenge involves a tight time limit!

Groups of 3-6 people work together simultaneously. Each group gathers around one box. There can be 8-10 boxes or more, depending on the theme, location and budget. After solving each riddle, the group moves on to the next box, with a higher level of difficulty, until they reach the final stage.

Speedy Escapes are perfect for conventions, workshops, training seminars, party celebrations, ODT, family gatherings, museums and festivals. We also have a special version for children or families.

We’re always ready to come up with an original idea for your brand’s Speedy Escape.

Contact us now for a brief review of our unique design, custom-fit for your event theme, and we’ll be happy to meet up for further details.

Here is a clip from Galaxy Championship, a Speedy Escape game that took place in Madatech Science and Technology Museum, Haifa, in April 2019 (during Passover holiday)

✧ Inhouse Immersive – Seminars and Workshops  

Immersive storytelling for museums – a full day workshop

09:00-18:00 – Immersive techniques and tools implemented for marketing, business and cultural establishments.

Everyone talks Immersive. It’s the hottest term in the field of storytelling: Google, museums, escape rooms, immersive theatre – the Immersive experience is everywhere.

Our immersive experts are ready for you with an innovative full day seminar & workshop, designed for an inhouse team training. Our goal is to get you acquainted with our tools and help you create your own magical Immersive experience, adapted to your content and budget.

Immersive storytelling is a medium that takes real life elements and uses them to invent fiction. It’s a reality-based tale, whether it is carried out by means of digital or physical tools. People adore stories well told, and the immersive experience relies on the feelings brought on by such stories.


Day Outline

  1. Immersive 101 – Mayan Rogel (lecture):
    What is an Immersive experience? What are its origins and characteristics? What are the tools used by the Immersive Artist, and what does all this have to do with computer games? 
  2. Think like a magician – Magus Cagliostro (lecture)
  3. Workshop – Inhouse Immersive:
    A workshop for brainstorming and idea development with the firm’s content development and marketing teams. The firm’s aims and needs will be identified, along with the organic tools at its disposal. During the workshop, ideas will be managed and analyzed, available recourses identified, and an initial format for an Immersive experience will be sketched in outline, to be developed later on by the firm’s content team. 
  4. Final words and summary – Magus Cagliostro and Mayan Rogel

✧ The Chaos Show   

Nothing is really as it seems…

We’ve all been to museums. When we visit a museum, we normally expect to be given true, reliable information about authentic displays. Our Chaos Shows break all these expectations, turning the whole concept of exhibitions into something completely different. 

At first glance, nothing is suspected. Everything gives the appearance of a serious show about art, science, archaeology etc. Then gradually the rules seem to change. The visitors discover riddles hidden among the exhibits, and it turns out they must solve them in order to escape the museum and save the world.   

In fact, the visitors enter a world of chaos. Their initial assumptions are turned over.

Any information might be disinformation.

Every word must be suspected.

Every item must be thoroughly examined for clues.

Only the spectators themselves can bring back order, and they can do so only by breaking conventional patterns of thinking. 

The entire setting of the museum is altered for the show: captions include fictional texts, fake news is displayed on screens, even the museum guards become “Chaos Agents”. 


Let us turn your world upside down, and create a new and exciting museum experience for you.

✧ Newspaper Escape Game   

Immersive adventure at home: An escape experience in a newspaper