wscape-israel museum

Solve a riddle, piece together a puzzle, crack the code and listen to the laughter ringing out through endless corridors. The art of escape takes many forms but only Cagliostro knows which it really is.   

Escape Room for All Ages

"The Israel Museum continues to change the rules of the game and this summer it hosts "The Art of Escape 2.0". The escape room is not a locked space, it extends out throughout the museum, and cracking the code requires interpersonal communication - the theme of the summer exhibition for the whole family Eye to I. In Hebrew. "The Art of Escape 2.0" is considered the next generation of escape rooms. The game combines riddles, breaking codes and opening doors along with a story that will take visitors on a path that crosses periods and cultures and invites you to take an in-depth look at the Museum's treasures."
We asked 420 people who had participated in the escape game to grade it.
The average score we received was:
8.9 out of 10
Here are some of their reviews:

“It was fun, challenging, interesting, and the kind of experience that expands your horizons.”

“A magical experience! You actually managed to do the impossible! – The children actually related to the museum and never touched their smartphones. It’s a real achievement! “

“This game was fascinating, well prepared and fun.”

“We all had a challenging, fun and interesting family experience that brought us all together. “

“The experience was definitely extraordinary.”

“We enjoyed it very much. The kids were excited and were interested in the art.”

Crazy fun!!!”

“It was an enjoyable and enriching experience. It’s a fun way to learn about the museum and the exhibits It was special and fun.”

“A fun experience. The riddles were interesting and challenging. It makes you think outside the box.”

“Lots of fun and you learn a lot, too.”

“An interesting puzzle and intriguing experience that we will never forget.”

“We would actually love to do this again.”

TV interview with Hila Korach & Avri Gilad, July 1st 2018 / Haolam Haboker, Reshet 13

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Yediot Achronot, August 8th 2018 / Ruti Kadosh (Screenshot from magazine))

Yediot Achronot, August 8th 2018 / Ma-Shelohet, 7 Leilot (Screenshot from magazine)