Who is Cagliostro?

Writer, producer and performer of magic for festivals, performances and TV shows.

Cagliostro has recently been producing escape rooms for mass audiences, specifically for museums, where historical narratives and art were incorporated into a fascinating and educational game for all ages.

Cagliostro teaches magic to both children and adults. He owns the Magus Academy, a school of magic with over 150,000 students, where he specializes in the merging of magic with technology.

Cagliostro Holds two Guinness World Records for presiding over the largest lesson in history for the years 2012 and 2015.

At first, no one in the Tel Aviv metropolis believed that the scrawny little boy with the eyeglasses and magic tricks was anything special. But gradually, as his self-styled powers strengthened, they had to admit he was, at least, different. “Sleight of hand,” his schoolmates whisperedthey whispered in school; “Not bad, really, for his age” remarked the adults. They were not the only ones—as time passed and his cosmic abilities took shape, the little boy knew this was not mere entertainment. He honed his craft, searching for the answer, eager to know himself better.

One day, his eyes alighted upon a dusty volume of an ancient encyclopedia resting on the top shelf in his parents’ living room. He climbed onto a chair and pulled it off the shelf, leafing through the pages until he arrived at a word outlined in bold gold letters: CAGLIOSTRO.

This is the seminal moment in which the boy discovered his roots, realizing that an invisible bond connected him to the magnificent occultist and rebel Cagliostro. As he read, he learned that Cagliostro wandered through Europe in the 18th century using his secret powers to heal the poor and defy the rich. The young magician ran his fingers over the words again and again, vowing to bring his magic to the darkest recesses of the city, to ignite the hearts of the people, young and old, poor and rich, with his magic. Indeed, he was no ordinary magician.

Confident of the role he had inherited, the reincarnated Cagliostro joined the Israeli army in order to spread his magic amongst the soldiers. Horrified by the 1982 war in Lebanon, Cagliostro performed an anti-war magic show in the Crusaders Hall in Acre with the blessing of the Templars. Silence fell over the spellbound crowd that evening as Cagliostro weaved magic into the air.

child magician

The Reincarnated Cagliostro

This did not go unnoticed by the dark forces that hover incessantly over the world, unfettered by time and space. One stormy evening, Cagliostro was found hanging upside down from a crane over the roofs of Tel Aviv, imprisoned within a straitjacket. How he got there no one knows, but everyone watched in awe as Cagliostro deftly released himself, triumphing over those who would have him fail.

Performing incredible acts of magic everywhere he went, Cagliostro created the magnificent Magus Academy of Magic, spreading his enchanted sparks like wildfire across the country, dazzling and inspiring over 150,000 people of all ages.